Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easy to make Jewellry..a beautiful silver "bubble" ring

Hi Everyone. There's a big silver jewellry company..starts with "P" and they make what they call a silver bubble ring.  I have my own verion of this..and its nicer..and SO easy to make yourself.  I even surprised myself with how easy it is, and how great it looks.

All you need is:
  • Silver beads.  I used 4mm (with 1mm hole) silver filled beads from Benjamins Crafts.  The beads can be found here.
  • Some jewellry elastic - Benjamins Crafts sell this too. No, I'm not on commission ;)
  • Scissors
That's it. Seriously.

Start by threading some beads onto the elastic.  You can use threading needles for this, but I didn't need to.  Thread on what you think will be the correct number of beads for the finger you want the ring to go on. Measure roughly like this..

Now you want it to fit snugly, but not cut into your finger of course.  I found 17 of these beads was correct for my middle finger. If you need to adjust the number of beads after you've made the ring, its easy to just snip the elastic and start again.  A tiny length of jewellry elastic won't set you back much ;)
So..once you have what you think is the correct amount of beads, tie the elastic in a reef knot.  You know..left over right, then right over left. And pull tightly. Not TOO tight.

So then your reef knot is going to be sitting there in between two of the beads. Trim the excess elastic off. Carefully give one of these beads a little tug over the knot, and it should disappear inside the bead. Easy.

What do you think? Looks good?
SAFETY: Small parts - not for small children or those under 3. I have also taken a note of the number of beads I used. That way if it does break by some chance, I know how many beads I need to recover.  That jewellry elastic is pretty strong though.  I have even done some "product testing" ..the ring is standing up great, and it is really comfortable to wear.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Ellen underwear..and orange peels

I couldn't resist showing you this little guy - well I think he's cute. As you can see I've even given him some "trish gets crafty" underwear. What do you think? If it's good enough for Ellen to do some underwear branding, then it's good enough for TGC :) tee hee hee.

underwear teddy
Got up to a bit of orange-juicing on the weekend too.  What the heck does that have to do with craft Trish? Well, it does indeed in a round about sort of way. I'll give you a bit of a hint... I was a good girl and put all the peels and left over pulp in the compost.  The worms came jumping right over to check it out! And I'm going to need the compost for a new project involving planting.. There you go.

My kids love helping with the juicing. We don't have a fancy juicer as you can see. But you don't need anything fancy.  The kids call it the orange juice factory when we set it up :)  My little one even wore that helmet inside when we had it going. "Extreme juicing" maybe?  Anyways..the new project is BIG. Stay tuned.