Friday, March 29, 2013

Sewing machine review Singer far sew good :)

My old sewing machine died. It's sitting in the corner as I don't know how to dispose of it. If anyone has ideas please tell me :) Or maybe I'm hoping it can be repaired and kept as a spare? Anyway..I have just purchased the Singer 2250.  I don't really care for a lot of bells and whistles, I just wanted something that does the basics and *works*.  The Singer 2250 fits the bill, being a basic machine, that works well and is easy to use.

So this is the new beastie :) And I'm liking it.
Price: AUD$149, from BigW here in Australia
Warranty: The warranty document states "3 year warranty for mechanical sewing machines and overlockers. Electronic sewing machine 5 year warranty". Now I'm an intelligent girl - but aren't all sewing machines "electrical"? It's a bit ambiguous if you ask me, but I will register the warranty online as the document suggests.
Made: In Vietnam

Good things about the Singer 2250:
  • First up, it comes with a DVD and a paper instruction manual.  Great. *Watching* someone thread the machine and various other tasks can be invaluable.  But you've got the manual too if you just want to quickly check which way the bobbin goes in.  I have a portable DVD player that I use in my craft room.  You could also load the DVD onto your iPad :) "The lady" on the DVD has an American accent..OK..but she does sound just a wee bit smug about all her super duper Singer knowledge.  Hmm..I can deal with that. One day I'm gonna get in a pickle and I'll be hinging on her every word LOL :)
  • Taking off the extension table (that part at the lower front left, that you can store accessories in), allows you to actually slide pant legs, sleeves and the like onto the sewing area! Cool.

  • These are the accessories you receive in a zip lock bag, or baggie as you American gals call it.  Spare needles and bobbins are there - 3 of each, but I had to watch the DVD to learn which size bobbins it takes.  You receive a zipper foot for zippers and piping.
  • This machine will do a 4-step button hole, it has 10 built-in stitch patterns.  The Singer 2250 can do zig zag  and scallop stitches.
My dislikes about the 2250:
  • I have had just a little trouble threading the machine, when the thread goes behind the "thin wire needle clamp guide". It's just a bit tricky to get the thread behind there.
  • The presser foot lever is right around the back.  Maybe this is just a matter of getting used to it. Same with the spool holder that sits at the top of the machine - it's horizontal.  The nice lady in the DVD assures us that if your spool of thread has notches on one end, put this side to the right, and the thread won't get caught.  You can see it in the first pic lying down underneath the handle. But I know that other makes such as Janome now have horizontal spool holders.
So far sew good. Very smooth and a great little machine.  I have this feeling Singer is a good brand as far as sewing machines go ;)


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  2. that's good to know Trish ;)

  3. Great price for that machine! Great review. Thanks.
    I am so glad I found your blog.
    xx Katrina

    1. Glad you found it helpful Katrina. thanks for your comment.
      Trish xx