Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ChRiStMaS In JuLy?

Here's an idea I had for making little plum pudding tree decorations..with a Baci chocolate!

Can you buy these in your part of the world? 

Because they look so much like the shape of a Christmas pudding, I think my idea works really well.  Here's what else you will need..

A circle of calico about 20cm diameter, a length of fine silver cord (for hanging the deco), 2 round, red beads (8mm works well), small length of twine, some tape, and two pieces of holly leaves cut from scraps of cardstock.  Take about 25cm of your silver cord, double it and tie about 7cm along.  This knot will sit at the top of the deco, tape the ends of the cord to the bottom of the choccy and trim.

Your Baci will look like this. Now, you want to sit it in the middle of the calico circle, pull the edges up, and tie in place with the twine.  The tricky bit is.. you can secure the two red beads to the front, by threading them on the twine! Not too difficult though.

What do you think? To finish, just place your holly leaves, tucked under the red "berries" with a little hot glue. And, carefully trim the tops of the calico being careful not to cut your silver cord.  These decos are quite three-dimensional, so they look even better in real life ;)  It's not a calico alien with glowing red eyes..tee hee hee.  Hope you have fun with this idea. If you were really keen you might reuse the materials.

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