Sunday, July 8, 2012

cath kidston wish list..

Looks like my parents are saving their pennies for a trip to the UK, some time in 2013.  This can only mean one thing.. he he he, they will have to bring me back a pressie.  Have been looking at the Cath Kidston website for some ideas..  I actually found there are different/more items in the catalogue they sent me recently.  Yep, I'm in Australia and they sent me a catalogue [grins].

Or "magazine" as they call it.  There is no CK store in Australia you see. There are stores in Thailand and Japan for instance, but for us Aussies..we have internet shopping only, plus just some CK items in a couple of stores.  Here is my wish list...

My favourite Cath Kidston design, is "Victoria Rose", so this keyring would be on the list.  As would..

this sweet purse.  Unfortunately the website does not list the dimensions. I assume it's a little larger than a coin purse?  A cute tshirt maybe?

Or, there's even something for us crafty types.  Some very sweet ribbon..
Or even, some buttons presented in *such* a cute way..

What's your favourite Cath Kidston pattern? What's on your wish list?

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  1. The oldies are going to England? How come I'm always the last to know? :-)
    I'd like one of these please and I'd like it to fit
    Otherwise a pair of the Victoria Rose Wellie boots will do very nicely also.