Monday, June 25, 2012

love it or hate it..

I have to say I love it!!  Leopard print and hot pink that is.  And also..zebra print and pink. Check out this wonderful garland (ruffled! no less)...from FashionLuvBug.

Or, what about a baby's car seat cover? This one from Maya Boutique Accessories:

When I stumbled upon printed crepe papers in leopard and zebra patterns, I just had to grab some.  These ones are both from "Porta Craft".  I found them in the "two dollar store".

I think they would be a great idea for jars of jams and preserves.  How about this?

All I did was cut two different size circles from crepe papers, and you get that nice ruffled effect ;)
Little bit tricky to get them in the right spot on the lid - just use a thin, very stretchy rubber band first.  I used some plain cotton string, and tied it in a bow. Here's a view from the top.

Guaranteed to make you smile.  And wouldn't LOTS of these look great on a market stall, all lined up?!
Not too over-done, and a bit of a change from the old circle of fabric or paper! Now you don't *have* to use crepe paper.  You could just run with this idea and use animal print and a bright colour, in some other paper.  Here's the leopard one..

Not bad hey? The font I used for the label is "Segoe Script".  This one is a very spotty leopard; there are heaps of leopard print styles out there.

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