Monday, June 25, 2012

love it or hate it..

I have to say I love it!!  Leopard print and hot pink that is.  And also..zebra print and pink. Check out this wonderful garland (ruffled! no less)...from FashionLuvBug.

Or, what about a baby's car seat cover? This one from Maya Boutique Accessories:

When I stumbled upon printed crepe papers in leopard and zebra patterns, I just had to grab some.  These ones are both from "Porta Craft".  I found them in the "two dollar store".

I think they would be a great idea for jars of jams and preserves.  How about this?

All I did was cut two different size circles from crepe papers, and you get that nice ruffled effect ;)
Little bit tricky to get them in the right spot on the lid - just use a thin, very stretchy rubber band first.  I used some plain cotton string, and tied it in a bow. Here's a view from the top.

Guaranteed to make you smile.  And wouldn't LOTS of these look great on a market stall, all lined up?!
Not too over-done, and a bit of a change from the old circle of fabric or paper! Now you don't *have* to use crepe paper.  You could just run with this idea and use animal print and a bright colour, in some other paper.  Here's the leopard one..

Not bad hey? The font I used for the label is "Segoe Script".  This one is a very spotty leopard; there are heaps of leopard print styles out there.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Babushka Cupcakes

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Hi there. I had the idea of making Babushka cupcakes! Now.. you could make small and large cupcakes, chop them off here and there, stick them back together with! Too messy. And the cupcake would not hold together well enough.'s what you can do..

The trick is: cupcake cases in a small and also, a large size.  Plus..craft pegs.  The little tiny ones that you can get from your craft shop or "two dollar" shop.  Next, cut out a small piece from both cases, about an inch or so of the wavy/corrugated bit. Doesn't have to be exact.

Discard the small pieces that you cut off.  Then place the two cases together like this. The smaller case will overlap the larger one.  Peg the cases together, being sure the walls of the smaller case overlap the large one, and that you really pinch them in at the sides - this forms a "babushka" mould.  Craft pegs are the one thing I came up with that will go OK in the oven :)  You only need to peg them at the sides - mixture did not leak out the bottom for me.

You also want to make sure the pegs are as high up has you can put them, while still holding the smaller of  the two cases.  Here they are ready to go in the oven.  They won't fit in a cupcake pan obviously - but that's OK.  Make up your favourite cup cake mixture, and fill the cases.

When they come out of the oven, let them cool.  Then carefully remove pegs and cases.  It also helps to have some tips for baking nice, flat cupcakes.  I have a habit of baking cupcakes that rise a lot..and crack :( I had to saw a bit off before icing.  There are some good tips here at Wilton, about baking flat cupcakes.  Although..rounded ones might give that nice curvy babushka shape?  It's just the cracking that is not a good look!

babushkas, babushka cupcakes, new cupcakes ideas, free cupcake

Round, flat, chocolate melts make a perfect face. I piped on some brown rows of icing for hair, and made little roses out of fondant.

babushkas, babushka cupcakes, new cupcakes ideas, free cupcake

To keep it simple, I piped on a love heart shape for the mouth, and some scallops across the dress area, in the same pink. And there you go! Yes my royal icing is a little lumpy and bumpy..but hopefully you get the idea :)  Have fun.
NOTE: I cannot guarantee this project is "food safe". But.. I believe it is.  If you were concerned about the craft pegs touching the mixture, you could pop them in some boiling water beforehand, then let them dry.

babushkas, babushka cupcakes, new cupcakes ideas, free cupcake
babushkas, babushka cupcakes, new cupcakes ideas, free cupcake