Sunday, March 18, 2012

Etsy ♥

Long time no post.  Oh well, back to it.  Looove these *original* artworks from Cocodeparis from Etsy.  Isn't this gorgeous!?  I may have to purchase one... And what a great way to upcycle old french magazines from the it, love it.  You'll find this particular artwork, here.

In the words of the artist herself..
"Mixed media of my original artwork in real acrylic hand painting and ink print.

For this artwork I used goldpaint, for to give it a gorgeous effect. It's on an authentic antique paper from around 1920s of the famous Parisien magazine “La Petit Illustration” , a weekly French literary journal that published plays, novels and short stories.

Every creation is unique, you will receive the similiar image but not identical since it involves hand painting on a different page of the antique paper including the beauty signs through time (spots, corner bends, uneven prints, etc). Every artwork is handsigned and dated. Ready to ship".

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