Friday, April 22, 2011

{Purple and Gold Foil!!}

I've been having a bit of a play with this wonderful *coloured* alfoil, that I found in my local Coles.
You may have seen the *really* expensive, novelty chocolate bars that you can buy.  I used this beautiful gold foil, Christina Re paper, and a family block of chocolate to make my own.  You could add any funny sayings, tags or labels that you like. Easter eggs is a pretty obvious one.  But I think a lot of people would appreciate being able to make and wrap their own Easter eggs.
If you're really speedy...there's still time to make one of these from last year ;)

A really cute idea for those on a "lifestyle change" ;)

My kids helped with this one.  It's an Easter Egg Piniata of course.  Made with a balloon, papier mache, then fill with easter goodies.  It has its own perfectly matching embellies, thanks to that gorgeous purple foil.  No problems putting the foil in your craft punches!!

A hard boiled egg for kids lunch boxes...

I really went to town here on this card.  I adhered the foil to one side only of JAC (sticky paper) and then stuck to some felt.  Put it in my sewing machine for a cool, quilted effect.  It was easy.. as I just followed the embossed lines on the foil!

..Another greeting card

I've had this tea cup chocolate mould in my cupboard for ages -   Have never been able to use until now - I had no idea where to find foil for chocolates.  Hope you have as much fun as I did ;)

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