Sunday, March 27, 2011

Someone else's craftiness...rescued!!

They were throwing out(!) some "fabric" at the kids' was about to go in the skip, or dumpster.  Turns out it this "fabric", was a whole bunch of great costumes, left over from school plays I suspect.  About 20 in all.
So...I am going to try and sell these, and use the proceeds to purchase any bits I need to make things for the school fair!!  Clever huh?
Look at all the work that's gone into this cute apron! There are cloaks, cloaks with faux fur! fairy skirts, leather-look skirt, cute double-sided knights pop overs, and lots more.  Heaps of fun, that I have rescued from the tip :)
A seam has come apart here and there..easy fixed.  They are in pretty good shape!

This one, we're calling the Ninja costume ;)  And as you can see, my kids have given them a test drive - they had a ball.
In the pile also...was a whole bunch of hessian, or burlap as you American ladies call it.  What to do with all that!?

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