Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Princess and the Pea sandwiches

This was fun to make.  To get the effect of different "mattresses", I used a couple of types of bread - we don't have white bread here ;) I cut the crust off some of the edges.  As you can see, some I added sprinkles to, "glued" on with butter. 
The princess's dress was cut from a crust of bread, cheese for the face, carrot trimmed with a cookie cutter for a crown.  I just traced on a face with a toothpick dipped in some choccy sauce from the cupboard.
In between the layers is a little butter, but you could use any filling you like.

And what would be on the bottom mattress.. but a pea of course :)

The pink sprinkles you can see are "Fairy Dust" by Dollar Sweets. I found them at Coles.
Another close up look at that Fairy Dust.  Enjoy  :)


  1. Do you take orders for school lunches?

  2. Well, that is setting the bar WAY TO HIGH!

  3. Looks to good to eat. Good job Trish!

  4. These are just so cute. Will have to try some this weekend, my girls would love them! Thankyou so much for stopping in over at my little blog:) Have a lovely weekend,

  5. Ahhhhhh, that's waaay too cute and completely brilliant in it's simplicity. I love it!