Tuesday, February 22, 2011

♫ Brown paper packages... ♪

A bit of blog love arrived in the letter box!  I was the lucky recipient of a card, in a giveaway that Kathy, over at Sweet Simplicitee, was having. It arrived in a padded envelope too, but look what was inside...complete with colour co-ordinating bakers twine no less ;)...
Isn't it lovely? Kathy has come to the rescue and let me share her piccie of it.  Let's just say I was having a bad day on the photography front :P  I reckon she's the queen of stamping, it looks so perfect.
I had this card set up on the railing of my back deck to take a piccie. A slight breeze was blowing. You guessed it.. off it went, wooshka.. down into the back yard.  I raced down after the precious paper and recovered it.  Was focussing in for another pic, muttering to myself that that couldn't *possibly* happen again...when, you guessed it, down she went.  The card was unscathed again, but I guess some of my neighbours think I'm a bit mad!!  What have you done in your crafty pursuits that has made your neighbours think you're crazy!?  :)

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  1. I am so glad you liked the card Trish:) With today's wind, it may fly over the fence....weeeee!! I am getting blown away here!