Saturday, February 26, 2011


Kim, from Off the Wall Craftiness has just started a colour challenge.  It's Purple.
Click on either of these images to take you to her blog, and the rules. Here are the swatches.
Kim says she's not a big fan of purple.  I kinda like it. Have fun ;)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

♫ Brown paper packages... ♪

A bit of blog love arrived in the letter box!  I was the lucky recipient of a card, in a giveaway that Kathy, over at Sweet Simplicitee, was having. It arrived in a padded envelope too, but look what was inside...complete with colour co-ordinating bakers twine no less ;)...
Isn't it lovely? Kathy has come to the rescue and let me share her piccie of it.  Let's just say I was having a bad day on the photography front :P  I reckon she's the queen of stamping, it looks so perfect.
I had this card set up on the railing of my back deck to take a piccie. A slight breeze was blowing. You guessed it.. off it went, wooshka.. down into the back yard.  I raced down after the precious paper and recovered it.  Was focussing in for another pic, muttering to myself that that couldn't *possibly* happen again...when, you guessed it, down she went.  The card was unscathed again, but I guess some of my neighbours think I'm a bit mad!!  What have you done in your crafty pursuits that has made your neighbours think you're crazy!?  :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keep Your Sunny Side Up!

Must stop looking at etsy..must stop looking at etsy..must stop...
Hope this brightens your day as you look at my wee bloggy today!  I had honestly never come across this little positive thinking sentiment before, but I just love it.
The lovely Christine, from ToTheMoonAndBack, has kindly agreed to let me share this wonderful graphic with you.
Oh, and if you would like to order a tshirt, sizes run a little small, so please check your measurements. You can order one here.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Here's my entry in the Embellish Color Trends Challenge with Hearts.  What do you think? It really *is* a bit of a challenge having to use certain colours, plus hearts.  I will be using that gorgeous teal colour again :)

The "Be Mine" swag is a digital stamp from Tiffany Doodles.  It's in her Sentiments range.  I had never used a digital item like this - but they're great.  Just download the item, do any colour changes, print on card, and trim.  Easy!

I went around the edges of the card stock with a Versa colour cube, in Bark.

I used my Martha Stewart Scallop Dot, Border edge punch.  Love it.
Anna's Craft Cupboard has these at a really great price btw ;)  The neutral/brown coloured card, is Botany.  This card stock has a recycled component, and is 230gsm in weight.  Plaza DJ really helped me out with that!  And I'm not on commission - honestly!  ;)

A behind the scenes look at the making of this card.  I gathered together any bits and pieces that might be useful, and just had a bit of a play around.  I was looking for anything I had for that amazing colour combination: Hot Pink, Deep Red, Teal, and Olive Green.  Yes, that's the "Marrtha Stoo-wart" border punch in the bottom right there ;)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Taking up the challenge

Just thought I'd let you know about this great card making challenge from Embellish Magazine.  I'm going to give it a go.  Love those colours - not sure if I have any teal items in my stash at the moment, but see how we go.
This is going to tick a few boxes too... I'll get a Valentines card made, I'll have another blog post *and* I'll have an entry in this challenge :)
You can find all the details here.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Princess and the Pea sandwiches

This was fun to make.  To get the effect of different "mattresses", I used a couple of types of bread - we don't have white bread here ;) I cut the crust off some of the edges.  As you can see, some I added sprinkles to, "glued" on with butter. 
The princess's dress was cut from a crust of bread, cheese for the face, carrot trimmed with a cookie cutter for a crown.  I just traced on a face with a toothpick dipped in some choccy sauce from the cupboard.
In between the layers is a little butter, but you could use any filling you like.

And what would be on the bottom mattress.. but a pea of course :)

The pink sprinkles you can see are "Fairy Dust" by Dollar Sweets. I found them at Coles.
Another close up look at that Fairy Dust.  Enjoy  :)