Friday, November 4, 2011

Time for another quote...

This lovely green frame image, comes from Keren over at Free Pretty Things for You.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New items at Rosehip & Moon

hi, new items have been listed at Rosehip & Moon.  The Oh Golly! card.  Inside reads: *Another* Birthday!?  And of course, it comes in a polyprop bag with envelope :)

And.. for the person who has been having a erm..bad hair day...

These come in three colours.  Purple (pictured), green and pink.  Check them out here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{twinkle toes}

Hi there, just thought I would share what I've been up to with these cute purple sneakers - they belong to my daughter.  These great shoes were purchased at one of the "discount" type shoe stores here in Australia, called Spendless.  Aren't they great?!  Now my sweet girl and I were keen to "bling" the front of them.
I found you can buy ACTUAL Swarovski round, flat back crystals online, fairly inexpensively.  Although, I must be honest and say...that the crystals ended up costing a little more than the shoes!!  ..blush.  Here's the ones we bought:  Series 2028, Swarovski, round flat back, Clear colour.  They measure 6mm across, and we bought 144 - that's one gross of them.  This was plenty to do the toes of each shoe.
My little girl is thrilled with them.  It was fairly simple to add the rhinestones.  You will need, an icecream container lid (something to squeeze the glue on to as you use it), tweezers would be very handy!, toothpick, glue - we used Tarzan's Grip..more on that later!  I just squeezed out a little of the glue (enough for about 3 crystals at a time, as it goes tacky so quickly), pick up a little of the glue on your toothpick, and apply to the back of a crystal, that you will be holding with tweezers in the other hand, and onto the shoe. I just worked my way across, top to bottom, left to right.  Arrange a couple of lines of crystals on the shoe without glue, if that helps.

And ta-da! There you go.  I thought this job might be quite challenging patience-wise - but it really wasn't too bad.  And even better, Miss E has worn the shoes a couple of times already - not one Swarovski has fallen off.  Hubby thought maybe a urethane bond glue would have been better?  but hey, the Tarzan's grip has been fine.  No playing soccer in these twinkly numbers!  Cute huh?!  ;)
Oh, and one more thing.  Let the glue cure for a good 48 hours before wearing the shoes :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

10 years ago...

Firstly, a little thought and prayer for all those affected by 9/11.

I've taken a walk on the wild side recently, with this amazing zebra-patterned paper.  It was actually in my daughter's stash of origami papers, and I convinced her to give me one!  She has two of each in her set, so it's OK ;)

That beautiful apple green, satin ribbon was just the smallest scrap that my Mum gave me.  Knew it would come in handy for something! Thanks Mum. It picks up the green in the tea-bag folding papers that I also used.  Prisma cardstock, in Ocean blue, perfectly matches the blue, and I coudn't resist using more zebra, in the form of ribbon!  Again, I've taken out my trusty Martha Stoo-wart Scallop dot Border Punch to edge the gold card for the middle.  Still had some red paper roses in my stash too.

And for this one, I've made up the card, 'tent' style.  Ooh, and I forgot to mention..the little daisies stamped in white, were done with a stamp handmade for me!, by the lovely Sarah Kathryn from Creatiate on Etsy.  Thanks Sarah Kathryn.  Boy, are her prices reasonable too.  Did I mention the stamps were handmade just for me!? ;)  Have a lovely week.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Seam binding, butterflies, and bling...

A couple of cards I whipped up, using goodies from Bluebird Lane on etsy, which I love, love.  I even used some of the lovely little bits that were used to package up my order - thanks Bluebird Lane ;)   I love polka dots..and once again, I've simply made my own with some 1" punchies of ivory cardstock. Went around the edge of the card with a Versa colour cube, in Bark.  Little pink loveheart rhinestones to finish it off.

Now I apologise for the ordinary photo. ..hangs head in shame..;) Don't you love the little birds with silver, vintage-looking glitter on? They are all silvery and sparkly, I swear!!  I used my Martha Stewart Scallop Dot border punch down the side.  The blue gingham paper is made by Print Blocks (an Australian company) - it is a lovely paper, beautiful quality.  Now for this one, I made a coordinating envelope in the same blue gingham paper, using my envelope template.  This was a birthday card for one of my SILs, and I popped in a bookmark from the lovely Lyn's etsy store, Angelic Aspirations.  Hmmm, she doesn't seem to have any bookmarks listed just at the moment, so check back for those.  Any bookmarks coming Lyn?  :) And the HBDAY is stencilled on with a sweet little stencil picked up in Kmart, of all places! and a Uniball Signo pen, in Angelic.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Meanwhile..back at the ranch

Oops, haven't posted on here for a little while.  Life got in way.  Kids' parties, school fairs, you know how it is.  Just a couple of cards I made the other day...
Birthday card.

Miss Eight tells me this is too girly to be for a male...hmm I guess she's right.

How about this?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 x new Gift Cards at Rosehip & Moon

There are 3 x new gift cards, on our Rosehip and Moon website.  Check it out!  The designs are L to R: Apples, Speckles, and Pink Floral.  And don't forget, R&M takes wholesale orders, on the gift cards only.  Thanks for popping by!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The perks of being crafty I guess...

Look what the postie brought me (and my daughter).  This huuuuge parcel turned up on the doorstep, yipeee!
And look what was inside....

Cut-outs, trims, beads, scrapbooking paper, rub-ons, background papers...the list goes on.  Turns out one of my lovely sisters-in-law has been having a bit of a destash, and guess who scored the goodies!?  Thanks M.  We are very grateful.

If you have an envelope template, you can use up pieces of scrapbook paper and make them into very interesting envelopes.  Like I did ;)  And here's a view of the back of them...

Friday, April 22, 2011

{Purple and Gold Foil!!}

I've been having a bit of a play with this wonderful *coloured* alfoil, that I found in my local Coles.
You may have seen the *really* expensive, novelty chocolate bars that you can buy.  I used this beautiful gold foil, Christina Re paper, and a family block of chocolate to make my own.  You could add any funny sayings, tags or labels that you like. Easter eggs is a pretty obvious one.  But I think a lot of people would appreciate being able to make and wrap their own Easter eggs.
If you're really speedy...there's still time to make one of these from last year ;)

A really cute idea for those on a "lifestyle change" ;)

My kids helped with this one.  It's an Easter Egg Piniata of course.  Made with a balloon, papier mache, then fill with easter goodies.  It has its own perfectly matching embellies, thanks to that gorgeous purple foil.  No problems putting the foil in your craft punches!!

A hard boiled egg for kids lunch boxes...

I really went to town here on this card.  I adhered the foil to one side only of JAC (sticky paper) and then stuck to some felt.  Put it in my sewing machine for a cool, quilted effect.  It was easy.. as I just followed the embossed lines on the foil!

..Another greeting card

I've had this tea cup chocolate mould in my cupboard for ages -   Have never been able to use until now - I had no idea where to find foil for chocolates.  Hope you have as much fun as I did ;)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Someone else's craftiness...rescued!!

They were throwing out(!) some "fabric" at the kids' was about to go in the skip, or dumpster.  Turns out it this "fabric", was a whole bunch of great costumes, left over from school plays I suspect.  About 20 in all.
So...I am going to try and sell these, and use the proceeds to purchase any bits I need to make things for the school fair!!  Clever huh?
Look at all the work that's gone into this cute apron! There are cloaks, cloaks with faux fur! fairy skirts, leather-look skirt, cute double-sided knights pop overs, and lots more.  Heaps of fun, that I have rescued from the tip :)
A seam has come apart here and there..easy fixed.  They are in pretty good shape!

This one, we're calling the Ninja costume ;)  And as you can see, my kids have given them a test drive - they had a ball.
In the pile also...was a whole bunch of hessian, or burlap as you American ladies call it.  What to do with all that!?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Color Throwdown card..

Here it is.  My card for the current Color Throwdown.
Well I think I've *really* used the colour pallette...tee hee hee.  Think I may even be improving with my photography.  That can be half the battle with this blogging caper - getting a good piccy.

Ingredients list: The actual card is Outback desert gold (has a small coloured fleck in it), Bazzill cardstock in Java, Mauve satin ribbon and paper flowers, cotton string, green buttons, Paper Shapers large flower punch, Kaisercraft adhesive rhinestones in Gold, and Bazzill dotted swiss cardstock in Plum Pudding, plus Botany cardstock (like Kraft).  Off to pop on the linky.