Friday, December 31, 2010

{a quick share..}

..of some decos that are about to be packed away soon...This angel was given to me by my childhood art teacher! Very special. As it says on her dress, I hope "twenty-eleven" brings you joy. I hope this blog continues to bring you a little joy as well ;)
This is a hand crafted wooden piece, brought back for me, from Germany. You can see in the second pic down, the teeny tiny Santa at the bottom. Awwww!

Here he is.
Last but not least, a cross-stich worked by my sister, with the name of one of my children at the top. You wouldn't know it, but it is actually worked on...erm..plastic. No Zweigart Belfast linen for us. Apparently, plastic would be very faux pas in the world of cross-stitchers, but it came in handy for trimming down to the stocking shape! We are actually on the lookout for more, as there as been a third child for a while now, and he doesn't yet have one ;) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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