Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas cards *with sound* !

blue board shorts for a boy
both cards together
green bikini for a girl
inside the card. it's not as lumpy as it looks!
You may have seen Christmas cards in the shops, that play messages. The thought occured to me that you may be able to purchase the sound turns out you can! I got mine here. They are 10 second recordable sound modules - quite inexpensive too! I've made cards for a special niece and nephew, who will receive them Christmas day, complete with a message from their cousins! :)'s a bit late to be making Christmas cards, but you can adapt this idea for other greeting cards.
1. First, complete the front of your card. You don't want to be unhappy with the front, having already attached the sound module to the inside!

I used a background that I made in Word. As time permits I might put a link to the file on this blog. I also used a Carl Teddy punch, and small ume flower punches. The Christmas hats were hand cut. The teddies were stuck down with foam mounting tape.

2. Attach the sound module to the inside of your card. I positioned the play button, microphone, and record button, left to right across the top.

The middle piece has the circuit and batteries, the bottom circle is the speaker. I attached these pieces with double sided tape mostly. Carefully stick down the wires so they're out of the way. There is a red pilot light too, I covered that up.

3. Cut holes in another piece of card, so the top three pieces can be accessed. The speaker is mostly concealed, but there is a gap in the middle, plus vibration on the card, to help the sound be heard. I used a 3/8" circle punch for the microphone. I stuck this piece of card down with staples, and then concealed those with strips of white paper on double sided sticky paper.

And that's about it.

Hope you like it. I would put extra packaging on these before putting in the post :) Keep out of reach of children under 3.

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