Monday, November 22, 2010

{Hair Ribbon Girls}

hi there, just a simple idea of mine, to use up ribbons in school colours. I call these "Hair Ribbon Girls", and they are to be sold in a little Christmas stall at the kids' school. Just start on the back of a paper plate (a convenient face shape), use some off-cuts of "hair"-coloured card stock, and trim to a fringe/ pony tails/pig tails. Before adding to the "face", punch holes to thread the ribbons through. I secured them with glue, .. staples (..ick, I know) but hidden where ever possible. Tie your ribbons into pretty bows, and add a face. I used grey cardstock for the eyeballs, 1" circle punch, and pupils are from a 1/2" circle punch. Love heart punch for the mouth. Easy. My eight year old thought they were very cute ;)

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