Monday, November 29, 2010

{Using up a *lot* of red buttons...}

Here's what you can do with a lot of red buttons, some ribbon and card. Cut out a heart shape, then hot glue on a loop of ribbon, to hang from the tree. (Did I mention I don't like using hot glue?..anyways). Then hot glue on, all your buttons. You can arrange them first on another heart shape, to see what they're gonna look like. Then just transfer them all over to your 'real' heart, one by one. In some of them, I added some red rhinestone hearts, to fill in the gaps.
Cute? These too were for the kids Christmas craft stall.

Monday, November 22, 2010

{Hair Ribbon Girls}

hi there, just a simple idea of mine, to use up ribbons in school colours. I call these "Hair Ribbon Girls", and they are to be sold in a little Christmas stall at the kids' school. Just start on the back of a paper plate (a convenient face shape), use some off-cuts of "hair"-coloured card stock, and trim to a fringe/ pony tails/pig tails. Before adding to the "face", punch holes to thread the ribbons through. I secured them with glue, .. staples (..ick, I know) but hidden where ever possible. Tie your ribbons into pretty bows, and add a face. I used grey cardstock for the eyeballs, 1" circle punch, and pupils are from a 1/2" circle punch. Love heart punch for the mouth. Easy. My eight year old thought they were very cute ;)