Friday, October 15, 2010

The "before and after" of necklaces..

One of my necklaces was looking tired, with the "silver tone" findings starting to tarnish. It was really simple to fix this.

*Some 1mm black, waxed, cotton cord (which was cheap as chips)
*2 x 6mm sterling silver beads, with a 1.3mm hole. The beads were from
Benjamins Crafts.
*Sewing scissors to trim the cord

-Carefully cut apart your old necklace.

-Take your cord, and leaving a long "tail" tie your first knot, then start threading your beads on, pushing a half reef-knot right up to each bead.

-Put another knot right after the last bead, leave another long section.

-Put a knot, about an inch and a half from each end.

-Thread on your silver beads, and secure with one more knot.

-Trim ends if needed.

This worked well, and you just wear the necklace with a little bow :)

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