Thursday, June 3, 2010

..cue the music..and in this episode...table tennis balls!

Remember I said it was like the soap opera of craft? And I had ping pong balls? well.. ta da! Kid's Hot Rollers, using ping pong balls and bathroom rolls!! Any KIDS reading this: Get Mum or Dad's help please! Instructions:
  1. Trim down a bathroom roll to 2/3 the length (carefully!)

  2. Trim a piece of patterned paper to the same length as roll and enough to wrap around, then adhere it to the roll. I used my trusty JAC, or double sided sticky paper to do this :)

  3. Carefully punch out two small holes 1/4 inch in, and from opposite sides of one end of the roll.

  4. Carefully make small holes in opposite ends of the ball, I used a sewing needle to start the hole, then worked it bigger with a blanket needle. Hint: use the "seam" of the ball to make sure holes are in the right spot.

  5. Thread some thin elastic right through the ball, and then attach at the holes on the bathroom roll. This bit was tricky - I used a blanket needle to get the elastic through the ball.

And there you have it. It was suprisingly easy to make holes in the ping pong ball. Miss Seven even modelled it for me. You just wrap a section of hair around, and secure with the elastic going over the top, and held in place with the ball. I haven't tried any heat on it, but I suspect it may even stand up to a bit of heat..yes they may actually work. So, you could whip up a dozen of these for your little girl - she'll be wrapt! :) have fun....

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