Monday, May 31, 2010

The before and after of clothes peg baskets...

Had a fairly productive weekend on the craft front. As promised, I have sorted out the clothes peg basket situation - I'm sure you're happy to know! ;) Here is the before and after. The replacement was made totally out of materials I had lying around the house! Instructions: 1. Carefully punch many holes in the bottom of an icecream container (for drainage) with a small screwdriver 2. Punch 2 holes on either side, as pictured. 3. Optional - take some matching ribbon and put a running stitch along one edge, and gather to frill, attach. 4. Take cable ties and put through the holes, as pictured, note you will need to use the 'hole' part of one cable tie as a stopper on the outside (you can just see this in the pic). 5. the final step is to attach the basket to your line, connect the cable ties in the middle to do this. Note the pic of the finished basket, with the old basket a sad and distant memory, in the background :) he he he. Oh and this is an earlier proto-type (->), I was not lucky enough to have two of these coathangers lying around, or I could have just have placed it on the other side in the opposite direction, and skipped the cable ties.

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  1. What a clever idea....we eat lots of icecream so have spare containers laying around.