Monday, March 29, 2010

My Lollipop fridge magnets...

I'm kinda revisiting these at the moment. Roll out thin sausages of Fimo or Modelene in white/colour, sit one on top the other and form into lollipop shape. Have to put the dowel in before it goes in the oven - this bit is fiddly. Bake according to manufacturer's instructions. If you have to pull apart and start again - no worries. You will end up with a slightly marbled look, which is a nice effect I think. Trick is getting dowel in the right proportion, in this case I used 7mm. I used some polypropylene for the "packaging" and a gingham ribbon by Panda, for the bow. Stick magnets on the back, and you've got a fridge magnet. Keep out of reach of small children!! - magnets are a choking hazard, and this item is (sadly) NOT food :)