Monday, March 29, 2010

My Lollipop fridge magnets...

I'm kinda revisiting these at the moment. Roll out thin sausages of Fimo or Modelene in white/colour, sit one on top the other and form into lollipop shape. Have to put the dowel in before it goes in the oven - this bit is fiddly. Bake according to manufacturer's instructions. If you have to pull apart and start again - no worries. You will end up with a slightly marbled look, which is a nice effect I think. Trick is getting dowel in the right proportion, in this case I used 7mm. I used some polypropylene for the "packaging" and a gingham ribbon by Panda, for the bow. Stick magnets on the back, and you've got a fridge magnet. Keep out of reach of small children!! - magnets are a choking hazard, and this item is (sadly) NOT food :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

In time for Easter...

Maybe you can't tell the size of this 'easter basket' from the pic, but the choccy eggs are these teeny solid ones you can get. ;) It's my wicked sense of humour - this is great to give to those you know 'on a diet'. Only if they can handle the joke of course! ;)
Instructions: cut a perfect square (mine was 15cm square) then carefully measure and mark up 9 squares (mine were 5cm square each). Pre-fold around the central square, then fold the ends in, as per pic. I held it all together, including the flower punchie and the handle, with a brown brad. The paper I used was double sided -"Coco vine", by Three bugs in a rug, with green on the reverse. Seemed to be about 140gsm weight, so anything similar should do it. Oh, and yes - they are pink quilling strips scrunched up inside :) Have fun!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

*Very* thrifty card making...

I purchased a pack of 6 coloured, blank cards and envelopes, from the "cheapy" shop the other day, for just AUD$2. In the U.S. I think you call it the "two dollar" store :). If you sacrifice one of the cards to make punchies from, they will perfectly match your cards! I used my EK Success Paper Shapers flower punch PSPWP12 "Flower". I will still get 5 cards, each with perfectly matching embellishments and envelopes. So with just a couple of bits from my craft stash thrown in, they are 40 cents each! The pack of cards is from Kaisercard, (an Australian owned company), the colour is EF021 - Metallic purple. In case you're interested, I adhered a scrap of patterned scrapbooking paper to cardstock, and then fixed it to the card with foam tape. Click on the pics for a close up look...:)