Thursday, February 18, 2010

*My* BIG paper roses...

Gone back to do a couple of my BIG paper roses again. They are just like a quilled rose, (which is a bit tricky), only bigger. The secret is 110gsm paper, cut to strips of about 2.5cm width. Some pics to try and show you don't need a quilling tool. Start by rolling the end fairly tightly, then turn strip down and outwards, at right angles, lining everything up with the bottom of the rose. Every couple of turns, pop some glue down in there, and clamp. Maybe set up a little production line, and come back to ones that have had time to dry. Keep doing these folds, and turns. Look pretty on a gift don't they? I've even been known to chop up those dark yellow envelopes, if one comes in the mail, and use that. Seems to be the right weight of paper. :) The "leaves" are just a skinnier strip of paper formed into a figure "8", and glued.

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